FFNovusx™ Platform Addresses Specific Challenges to Block Chain Technology and Artificial intelligence Adoption within the Financial, Health and Retail Sectors in Africa

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Supply Chain Technology

An Artificial Intelligence Driven  Supply Chain Platform that specifically addresses Africa's informal FMCG retailer challenges

Dukaree is a commercial platform that connects the entire FMCG ecosystem (manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers to retailers), by providing both buying and selling capabilities. In addition to the automation of the trading factors, Dukaree also connects other players that provide complimentary services to the ecosystem.


Service providers include: Financial Service Providers, Logistics Providers, and Credit Rating Agencies. 


Dukaree addresses FMCG’s major challenges including; stock distributions and traceability, cash management, inability to access credit to small & medium retailers/outlets. 


The platform currently has 42,000 customers with US$220 Million worth of transactions conducted through the platform .


Financial Technology

An Artificial Intelligence Driven Supply Chain Platform that specifically addresses Africa's informal FMCG retailer challenges

Jamborow is a financial technology platform that provides white label software for financial services across informal unbanked and underbanked populations in Africa, via B2B and B2C services. 


Jamborow is Africa’s first B2B and AI platform focused on financial and inclusion and grass-root empowerment.  

Jamborow is digitizing the KYC data of the unbanked population across Africa and creating a credit footprint for financial inclusion. Users in developing countries will be able to access financial services afforded to them via the platform. This greatly enables financial inclusion. 


Our platform brings together all the players in the financial services ecosystem, i.e. borrowers, lenders, and intermediaries by offering full suite digital banking services. currently operating in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. 


Within the next 36 months the platform will be fully operational in the West and Southern African markets, specifically Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique.  


Healthcare Technology

An Artificial Intelligence Driven Healthcare Platform that specifically addresses Africa's medical records integrity challenges.

Afya Rekod is a decentralized consumer driven health data platform that is built on AI and blockchain



The company’s mission is to save lives by using data to reduce mortality occurring due to misdiagnosis, preventable disease outbreaks, and medical inefficiency. They also provide primary healthcare in rural and urban communities in Africa.  

Afya Rekod allows users to store and control their health records while at the same time giving doctors and other medical practitioners the opportunity to use data driven knowledge to save lives. In addition, the platform allows medical experts and patients to interact in real-time.  

The AI function converts structured and unstructured data to global health data record keeping in Fast Interoperability Resources (FHIR) Standards and other international standards.   


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