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M&A Sell-Side Advisory

We specialise in cross-border M&A transactions between Africa in particular, and Europe and North America. Our partners have advised on some of the most salient transactions involving corporations, governments, and family-owned businesses.​ Our M&A advisory team – based in East and West Africa, and London is composed of international professionals who combine investment banking experience with industry expertise in our core focus sectors.

Sell-side mandates form the nucleus of our client interactions spanning diverse industry segments  

Within the realm of sell-side M&A assignments, Frederick Fyle stands as the quintessence of unparalleled sophistication and strategic acumen. We epitomise a legacy of catalysing transformative transactions by employing an exquisite fusion of empirical market insights, Avant-Garde financial engineering, and a globally unrivalled network. Our bespoke approach, underpinned by a profound comprehension of each client's distinct panorama, entails an intricate choreography of data-driven analytics and industry sagacity. Our adept advisors curate a narrative that transcends traditional valuations, articulating value in resonance with discerning buyers' aspirations. From the incipient valuation intricacies to the execution of meticulous due diligence, Frederick Fyle orchestrates a seamless sell-side negotiation and execution. We transcend convention, shaping divestitures that not only redefine sectors but set new benchmarks in corporate reconfiguration. Our storied legacy in sell-side M&A is a testament to our unwavering commitment to delivering unequivocal value for our clients.

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