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BlackRhino LP is Our Dedicated Technology Advisory and
Venture Capital Arm

Our Firm

We have positioned our business to be the first to capture innovations through our BlackRhino™ platform as they develop. The FF M&A technology group focuses on technological innovations and opportunities that solve problems that are unique to the African continent. Our technology group focuses on opportunities across the FinTech, health-tech, energy-tech, and consumer-tech spectrum


We add value across a wide spectrum of technology-enabled industries on behalf of financial institutions and sophisticated Investors

In our unwavering commitment to delivering superior investment strategies, we at BlackRhino strategically allocate capital across a diverse range of technology-driven sectors. Representing the interests of esteemed financial institutions and astute investors, we harness our expertise to identify and capitalise on opportunities within these dynamic industries. Our proven track record of maximising returns and managing risk underscores our dedication to delivering value and securing long-term financial success for our valued client.

Pedestrain Crossing

We are committed to defending innovation, driving sustainable growth, and putting our clients and investors first

At BlackRhino, we remain steadfast in our pursuit of excellence. Building upon our illustrious track record, we are committed to harnessing innovation as the catalyst for sustained growth. Our unwavering focus on serving our valued clients and investors is the driving force behind our endeavours. With a dedication to pioneering solutions and exceeding expectations, we aim to lead in an ever-evolving financial landscape, forging a brighter future for the African technology landscape.

Early to late-stage funding that signifies much more than just capital infusion

At BlackRhino, we firmly believe that early to late-stage funding signifies a pivotal milestone in the entrepreneurial journey—one that transcends the mere infusion of capital. It symbolises the fusion of vision and resources, a partnership forged in the crucible of innovation. Our commitment extends far beyond financial backing; it encompasses mentorship, strategic guidance, and a steadfast belief in the transformative potential of visionary ventures. We stand as catalysts for growth, champions of innovation, and dedicated partners in the pursuit of realising audacious dreams. In each investment, we see not just an opportunity for returns, but the chance to co-create the future, shaping industries and leaving an indelible mark on the world


Working With Industry Leading Clients and Partners


Enquire about our technology M&A services across diverse industry sectors

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